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UAVs can take aerial photography, but they are not so casual. Be sure to stay away from people, cars and buildings for the first flight, and try to find an open place for practice. The flying height of drones should not exceed 500 feet, and remember to st


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"Promotion is really not easy to make money? There are indeed many people who make money by doing promotion and make a lot of money. It can be said that this kind of promotion is a relatively new way to make money. It is simple and easy, and does not


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You can see that the official accounts I searched out are focused on our industry. You can read the accounts one by one and read their historical articles. If you think the articles are well written, follow the updates if they are normal. If the update is


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But there are many details that need to be paid attention to. The most basic thing is to avoid 3 accounts with the same IP of the device. The platform is not stupid, and there is a certain risk control mechanism. When 3 accounts with the same IP are detec


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1: Today’s greatness, today’s economic era, is the best business era. We don’t need to bribe others, we don’t need to please others, we don’t need to flatter our lives, we don’t need to deal with inexplicable relationships. First, the politics is rel…